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            Dry Red Ber – A Nutritious and Flavorful Snack


Botanical and Common Names


Dry red Ber, scientifically recognized as Ziziphus mauritiana, is a widely enjoyed fruit, also known as Indian jujube or Ber fruit in common parlance.


Nutritional Content


Being a reservoir of nutrition, dry red Ber is a source of Vitamin C and rich dietary fiber. It is also antioxidant-rich which further adds to its nutritional value. This fruit is an energy-packed, low-calorie healthy snack choice.


Flavor Description


The dried Ber fruit presents an alluring sweet and tangy flavor that serves as a unique palate pleaser. The natural sweetness combined with the tanginess offers a balanced and delightful flavor.


Benefits and Side Effects


Traditionally, dry red Ber has been valued in Ayurvedic medicine, notably for its contributions to digestive health and blood sugar regulation. The high fiber content aids digestion while the naturally occurring sugars provide sustained energy. However, overconsumption may result in digestive discomfort like bloating due to the high fiber content, so moderation is key.


Recipe Suggestions and Home Remedies


Sweet Ber Chutney: Blend dry red Ber with some sugar, vinegar, and spices to create a tangy and sweet chutney.

Ber Infused Tea: Steep dry red Ber in hot water, and add a little honey for a comforting, antioxidant-rich tea.

Healthy Ber Trail Mix: Combine dried Ber with nuts and seeds for a nutrient-packed snack.

Refreshing Ber Salad: Toss the Ber fruit in your fruit salad for a sweet and tangy surprise.

Traditional Ber Dessert: Rehydrate dry red Ber and use it as a natural sweetener in desserts.


Buying and Storage Guide


Look for uniformly dried Ber fruits showing no signs of mold or pests while purchasing. They should maintain a natural shine and not be excessively hard. Dry red Ber should be stored in a cool, dry place, preferably in an airtight container away from direct sunlight.


Usage Suggestions


Enjoy the dry red Ber as a quick snack or integrate it into your dishes for a delightful hint of sweetness and nutrition. Its natural flavors and health benefits also make it an excellent addition to various traditional culinary preparations.

Red Ber | Ziziphus Mauritiana

SKU: 1083
  • Botanical Name

    Ziziphus Mauritiana

  • Plant Family


  • Synonyms

    Jujube, Nese Date, Cottony Jujube, Desert Apple, Indian Cherry, Indian Jujube, Indian Plum, Jujuba

  • Part Used

    Dried Fruit